I had just said goodbye to #9 and Jayne was marching along the esplanade, way ahead of me. She was angry because I’d abandoned her to go make out with him, and she refused to talk to me. We were getting a lift home together and I was hoping desperately that she would pretend in front of my parents that everything was cool.

She’d disappeared off into the distance and I couldn’t see her. I stopped the next person I encountered. He was a couple of years older than me, was cute, and had apparently just walked out of the sea. I never found out what that was about. It went like this:

– Have you seen my friend Jayne?
– Who’s Jayne?
(confused makeout session)

He was more drunk than me, and he tasted of sand. We made out on a bench for five minutes until I became aware of Jayne loitering angrily ahead. I said goodbye and discovered the next day that he was the boy that Amanda had a crush on. She forgave me pretty fast and Jayne forgave me after a day or two. The end.


~ by Nine on 19 October 2008.

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