Anita had lost her virginity to #13, in a field. I knew more about this event than I did about him. Still do.

My friends and I went to a party on the other side of town. I think it was in the home of an older boy who was into metal. I’m not really sure. The only bit I really remember is when I went into his little sister’s bedroom so we could secretly dance around to The Key, The Secret by Urban Cookie Collective. After that, one of my friends got off with someone who was engaged, and a window got smashed, and I guess the party was over.

Amanda’s parents were away and we went back to her place with some boys from the party. That’s four boys and five girls. Guess who got to be the odd one out. I think Catríona managed to get off with all of the boys. Anita got together that night with another Satanist and they went out for a year or so.

Amanda’s grandparents lived in the adjoining house, and they heard the noise. When they came in, we hid the boys in wardrobes. Her grandmother gave us a lecture for the disruption and was winding it up, about to forgive us, when her grandfather finished his patrol of the house and reported that he had just found two boys in a cupboard. The two were promptly ejected. Once her grandparents had left, someone sneaked outside to get them back in.

At some point, the bedroom light got turned out for a couple of minutes, at which point I became aware of #13 pawing at me. Oh, okay. I wasn’t really in the party mood, but he was cute if possibly an idiot, and everybody else was getting action so why not? We kissed for a couple of minutes. He tasted of deodorant because he had been trying to get high on Amanda’s. These are the sorts of people I got to hang around with back in the day. After the light got switched back on, I moved away from him for a moment and when I looked round again Catríona was making out with him. I hadn’t been exactly attached to him but it was the principle of the thing, you know? I think eventually I got bored and tried to sleep in another room.

(PS. Happy birthday, Amanda!)


~ by Nine on 22 October 2008.

One Response to “#13”

  1. Hey Nine,

    This is Simone in Leeds.

    I’m off work with a chest virus and was feeling a little sorry for myself til I read all these blogs and they cheered me up :)

    Keep writing ’em, doll!


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