I’m not sure if this one is chronologically correct, but it’s not like I’m writing this under exam conditions, so whatever. Okay, so my housemate Tareq and I went to a club at Wilkie House. I don’t remember what was on but there were a lot of people there, and there was this one boy, who was kind of tall and looked like a geeky indie boy. Glasses and scruffy hair. We passed each other a few times and finally I stopped him and said something along the lines of, “Hi, you look like a real person, and there’s kind of a shortage of them around here.”

I know, right? I can’t create a ‘cringeworthy lines I used’ category for this blog because I would just cringe too much at it. In my defence, or at least by some way of explanation, let’s bear in mind that I was nineteen years old and therefore I knew everything. I probably thought pretty much everything I said was pure genius and that of course a person should appreciate this line, rather than consider it arrogant or stupid.

Luckily though, he was not a native English speaker and so he didn’t immediately understand what I’d said to him. So it turned into a more generic introduction, which was obviously for the best. He was from Germany, he’d been studying over here for a little while and I think he was going to be leaving soon. We talked to each other for much of the evening, but nothing seemed to be on the cards. I wasn’t sure whether I should make a move or not. Finally I said goodbye because Tareq and I were going to go home.

Fuck it. A few minutes later I went and found him again to say goodbye properly. We kissed rather enthusiastically. It was pretty nice. I never saw him again and I didn’t expect to, but it was nice for what it was.


~ by Nine on 6 November 2008.

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