Divine Divas was a new women-only club in Edinburgh. I’d missed the first one, but I was there for the second. I spent the first ten minutes or so against the wall, trying to look casual and experiencing mild fear as I waited for my friend Gurnam to show up. I had never been to a women-only club before and I missed my gay boy friends. A drunk older woman stumbled into me. “I’m falling all over you tonight,” she slurred, and I smiled politely.

I’d met #31 a few times on the scene and it was her birthday, twenty-five I think. “Happy birthday!” I said, and she leaned over and kissed me. It wasn’t a lengthy experience but it wasn’t fleeting either. I hadn’t felt attracted to her before, but it was pretty cool and seeing as I was still moping about #30 it provided a pleasant distraction. Plus I was proud of myself for finally kissing a girl who a) was queer and b) had a name. Ignoring the likelihood that she was just kissing everyone because it was her birthday, I wondered whether anything further would happen next time I saw her. I don’t think I ever got a chance to find out.


~ by Nine on 10 November 2008.

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