Backtrack! I just remembered #39, who should actually be listed as #35 or #36 but I’ve gone and fucked it all up now. This should in no way be taken as a comment on #39’s technique.

After my first shift in the microlab, I went home to find a phone message inviting me to a party that night. There was no clue as to whose party it was or who’d invited me. Eager for adventure, I set off with my flatmate Katrina.

Even the address was wrong, but we did find a party in the vicinity and the students there were happy to take us in. As the night wore on, I made out with #39. He was from London and had a tongue stud. Years later, he was in a band with #113 because Edinburgh is tiny. But I didn’t get off with him again.

Does this post read a bit rushed? I’m going to Dublin tonight and I am unprepared and feeling frantic. Bye.


~ by Nine on 21 November 2008.

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