#40 sold The Big Issue outside James Thin on South Bridge. He had dreads, I think, and a big rainbow-striped jumper and looked like the sort of person I’d be hanging out with only he didn’t really know anybody in town and he was staying in a homeless hostel. My flatmate Katrina got herself a date with him and I was jealous but then she decided she wasn’t really into him that way so now it was my turn.

I really can’t remember how it happened, where we were. At a party, I suppose, and I took him back to my place and we made out. He didn’t spend the night. I think we met one afternoon not long after and hung out at my place again but nothing happened, and this was due to me deliberately not making a move. I don’t remember why, I guess it just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t looking for a relationship or whatever and I didn’t want to lead him on. And then one night we went to Cafe Graffiti with a random assortment of my friends, and finally he said “Nine, I really fancy you” and asked what the deal was so I actually had to say out loud that it wasn’t going to happen. But I honestly don’t remember why. I don’t think we saw each other again. I imagine he didn’t stick around Edinburgh for long, but the whole episode is for some reason very hazy.


~ by Nine on 27 November 2008.

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