I was at CC Bloom’s one night with #28, and #64 who was a friend of his, and maybe some other folks. I feel like I need to issue some kind of disclaimer for having been at CC’s, but in fact I was in and out of the godforsaken place for a decade, and the reason has always been the same: it’s free in and it’s open till three and your standards plummet at that time of night. However, my chances of getting in were generally only about fifty-fifty. It maybe worked better if I was with #28, or Leonard, a subsequent partner in crime, but larger mixed groups were seemingly suspect, and showing up with women would only work if at least one of us looked sufficiently dykey. Over the years, this has gotten really fucking tired, and I still resent the bouncer who waved in my straight male friend who’d never set foot in the place before, then told me and two femme lesbians that it was members only.

So this one night, I was in there anyway. And #64 and I made out on the dance floor. I don’t remember much about her, but I thought she was cool. She maybe wasn’t a student, unlike almost everyone I knew, and I don’t know if she identified as straight or bi or what. I was kind of excited to make out with her, and then I don’t remember if I ever even saw her again. It wasn’t a big drama, just another hazy drunken episode.


~ by Nine on 5 January 2009.

One Response to “#64”

  1. I got turned away from CCs recently. I’m so sick of the bouncers there that I’ve promised myself I’m never going to go back.

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