I continued with my night of being a drunken shambles at the Mission. It was a miracle I was still standing. A woman approached me to tell me my hair looked cool. It was neon green and it was glowing under the UV lights. (This did indeed look cool, although I had to wear a hat when I played laserquest, because it made me too easy a target.) Unfortunately, it’s safer for innocent bystanders to avoid getting into close proximity when I’m in quite such a state: I doubt she intended to become #74, but that was the end result.

After that I cajoled her to hang around for a while and she said that actually she was taking a drink upstairs to her girlfriend, and excused herself. I remember her name, but I’ve no idea who she was or what she looked like, although I had a vague recollection that she was maybe older than me.


~ by Nine on 24 January 2009.

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