I’m racking my brains because I have the feeling I was with #84 on more than two occasions, but that’s all I can come up with so far. As usual, my disclaimer is that I spent a lot of time drunk around then, which I fear is turning into a boring refrain. Sorry.

Okay, so #84 was in the same circle of friends as #81, and I made out with them both at a party, like alternately, like when one of them was in a different room I’d make out with the other one.

Then there was the night I took #84 back to my place, and we were both quite drunk, and as a result my pain threshold seemed somewhat higher than it really was, and I paid for it over the next several days. Like, it hurt to do simple things like put on a jacket. #79 rubbed lotion onto my back and exclaimed that it looked like someone had thrown acid over me. I guess she wasn’t thrilled about the whole set-up; one time, I was studying sadomasochism for my gender & justice class, and she got really upset about the subject in general. She suffered from chronic pain and she didn’t understand why people would actively seek pain out, and I tried to explain that it was different, but I felt like I was offending her by defending it at all.

Anyway, even though I suffered after (and, well, during) that night with #84, I couldn’t really complain, since what blurry recollection I had of it was hot. Plus I guess it wasn’t entirely one-sided given that later #81 reported to me that she and #84 had compared scars I’d given them.


~ by Nine on 13 February 2009.

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