I was at a party at #84’s place. He lived on the fourth floor and it killed me every time I went up those stairs. I hadn’t met #85 before but he had been described to me as a camp straight boy, which sounded promising. (I don’t actually think of him as camp – I’m not sure where that came from – but your mileage may vary, I guess.)

Basically I wanted to recreate a scene from The Daytrippers, the scene where Campbell Scott ushers Parker Posey into a room saying she simply has to see the stunning view, and she’s like “… There’s no view” and he’s like “Whatever” and makes out with her like whoa. I appreciated this approach. So that’s essentially what I did with #85 except a) there was a pretty good view actually and b) it was blatantly obvious what I was aiming for so it’s not like I came across as suave or anything.

I saw him a few times and then I said something at one point that offended him and he didn’t contact me again and I was kind of busy with #81 and #83 anyway so I was kind of oblivious. I think I had said something sarcastic but I’d been careless and he’d taken it personally, and I honestly don’t remember what it was. A couple of months later we met again and I guess we cleared that up. By now he had a girlfriend but he claimed the relationship was pretty much over (this was actually true), and I decided that wasn’t my problem so it was okay for me to get off with him again.

I didn’t feel totally right about things, it was kind of hot but we were also kind of incompatible, I guess just different personality types or whatever. I gave it some thought and then I phoned him one day and said that I figured whatever it was we were doing lately, we should probably stop doing it, and he said he had been thinking the same thing. So that was easy. A few years later, in 2004, we made out one evening when he walked me home. I was recently out of the relationship of doom and three nights in a row a different boy walked me home and kissed me, and summer was on its way and life felt pretty good.


~ by Nine on 14 February 2009.

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