Remember when #85 was cheating on his girlfriend with me? #95 was the girlfriend.

I was at another party at #84‘s place; #85 lived there too now. He’d stopped seeing #95 and I’d stopped seeing him, and I met her for the first time at the party. #81 and #84 and I gathered together for a quick conference. She was fucking hot, we agreed, and we were all keen. I volunteered to go negotiate after a couple more drinks.

“Can I have a quick word with you?” I asked, and we stepped into #85’s empty bedroom, the room where I’d first seduced him in my blatant, anti-suave manner. “It’s just that a few of us were wondering if you might be available,” I explained. #95 peeked out of the room to survey her other suitors. A moment of indecision ensued, and I breezily told her to take her time, no pressure, let us know if she came to any conclusion. I don’t remember how it happened after that, but basically she chose me. (I believe both #81 and #84 got their turn at later dates.)

I remember as far as undoing her belt and then I don’t remember anything. Apparently, #85 eventually found us both passed out in his bed, and had to go sleep on #84’s floor. Apparently, #95 and I accidentally went home with each other’s underwear, a fact which completely eluded me until four years later when her ex-boyfriend revealed it during a game of I Never. Marvellous.


~ by Nine on 4 March 2009.

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