I went to see Cesaria Evora with my friend Stephanie and afterwards we went to #120’s leaving party. He was heading off to go and squat in London or something. Anarcho-Jamie was drunk and stoned and telling me in hushed tones that people with shaved heads were basically his sexuality. And honestly I didn’t mean to get off with the boy with the shaved head, but somehow it happened. I decided to assume that he had started it. And he was a nice kisser, but he could’ve done with a wash. I’m not talking hellish body odour or anything, but he still needed to wash. I guess it’s hard if you have no fixed abode and you live on a protest site or whatever and maybe you don’t have access to running water.

I was drunk and tired, and Anarcho-Jamie and the boy with the shaved head both needed somewhere to crash, so I took them back to my place. The Hip Hop Lawyer was away for the weekend, so I installed them in his room, as I wasn’t interested in sharing my bed. Jamie continued to lust after #125 all night, and got nowhere.


~ by Nine on 12 May 2009.

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