I kissed #138 downstairs at CC Bloom’s after I’d just gotten up and sang Walkin’ After Midnight. I guess I’d had a whole lot to drink by then, because singing karaoke in a packed bar would usually scare the crap out of me. I remember I’d been torn between Walkin’ After Midnight and The Ballad of Chasey Lain, and the latter would have been horrifically cringeworthy. I am cringeing now even though it didn’t happen. The very notion that it’s happening in a parallel universe is enough.

Anyway, I’d been friends with #138 for a few months and we were out drinking together, bonding, having heavy conversations and whatever. I was talking about gender identity and she protested that I was turning her on, and after that there was no going back. It was festival time. I guess we stayed out till 5am. A few hours later I got a phone call and had to shelve my hangover and accompany someone to court.

I didn’t see #138 for a few months after that, I guess, because first I went travelling with #129 and then I had emergency surgery and then I was housebound recovering. Or maybe #138 visited me when I was housebound, I can’t remember. Anyway, we kissed again when I was finally back on the scene, but then I felt weird about it so we didn’t any more. After my birthday party she slept with #81, who was staying on my futon in the living-room.

#138 is from Shetland and she’s nine years older than me. We tried recording stuff together a few years ago, me doing spoken word and her playing guitar. We were going to call ourselves The Hell Yeah but then I realised that that would be a really bad name to have if everybody actually thought we sucked. We’ve been talking about recording again, but I don’t know if that will actually happen. #138 is the sort of person you have adventures with. She disappears from the radar occasionally but it’s good whenever she shows up again. She sends me texts and tells me she loves me. She’s another of those people who remind me that consistency is not essential for a friendship; it doesn’t matter if we’re out of touch for a long time, because we can pick up where we left off, and I value that.


~ by Nine on 13 June 2009.

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