I went across to Glasgow for a club night that #130 put on, but I was pretty drunk by the time I got there so it’s a blur. All I know is that they played Pavement and the Beastie Boys, and I made out with some boy with long hair who wasn’t my type. I was just being opportunistic and after a while I think I had to subtly get rid of him so I could look for people who were more my type. This was doomed to failure, especially since I was a drunken heap. At the end of the night I spotted someone incredibly hot (or so I thought: who knows?) and insisted he take my number. Predictably, this went nowhere. I skinned my knee somehow, and woke up the next day with a stinking hangover. #130 thought the boy I made out with maybe went to art school in Dundee. This is the sum total of everything I know about that night.


~ by Nine on 28 June 2009.

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