#141 and I conspired together to seduce #150 on our trip to York. It worked. We went through a few bottles of wine in #141’s student bedroom and finally she just lunged forward and kissed me, and then #150 joined in too, which was what we’d been aiming for.

The following night #151 was in town to hang out with us. She was another on-line friend who I’d known for several years, and hung out with a couple of times already. She’d hosted me and #129 on our way home from Spain, and back when I was still locked in a messy cycle with #117, I’d phoned her up crying once or twice when I felt lost and fucked up. But now here we were in happier times, and she was about to discover that #141 and #150 and I had plans for her.

It was all sort of dumb and drunken and ridiculous and fun. We got drunk, made a banner congratulating an absent friend for getting into grad school, and held a topless photoshoot with it. Stuff obviously happened after this, though I can’t remember who started what. Basically, it was the sort of all-girl slumber party that only happens in teenage boys’ imaginations.

#151 has travelled to more countries than I have, and has a book deal, and yet, over the years, I have managed to learn to not really be jealous. We’ve talked for years about going to Cuba together, but we still haven’t made it there. She’s a hilarious drunk and is full of good stories and is generally a marvellous person to be around.

A few years ago, #182 and I were hanging out in East Lothian. #151 was visiting Edinburgh and had a tight schedule, but I needed to get my head together that weekend and get out of town. We wound up skulking around the farmers’ market in Haddington, and #151 took a bus out to visit us, assisted by her elderly fellow passengers who became very invested in helping her get out at the right stop. When she arrived we’d barely exchanged pleasantries before she squealed with glee on spotting the baby alpacas. After an hour, she got a taxi back to Edinburgh, costing roughly a million pounds. That’s dedication.


~ by Nine on 13 August 2009.

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  1. I am loving the categories on this one. x

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