#152 took the pictures at our drunken photoshoot and then joined in the subsequent festivities. She was a friend of #141‘s and I hadn’t met her before. She kept her top on and I may have pawed at her slightly, and then worried afterwards that maybe I crossed a line, maybe I made her feel uncomfortable, but given that we’ve been friends ever since I figured we were cool. She lives in London so I don’t see that much of her, but the Internet helps out as ever.

Actually, the last time I saw her was just a couple of weeks ago. I’d been round at #224’s place for a smoothie party, which I’d naively assumed would be very healthy and wholesome, forgetting that my friends are not above pouring copious amounts of vodka and rum into whatever they drink. The smoothies had been followed up with some red wine, and, crucially, an impressive quantity of port, which I forgot about until the following evening. By the time I’d crossed town to give #152 a ukulele, I was away with it. Her boyfriend – who reminds me somewhat of #96 – bought me yet more alcohol, and we went to a party at Cab Vol. I remember it being nice to see #152, but I don’t remember anything we talked about. I high-fived everyone on my way home and I think I maybe stopped and made out with a comedian, but I’m not sure, and in the absence of any witnesses to confirm or deny it, I’m not adding that one to the list.


~ by Nine on 23 August 2009.

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