“Okay, I wanna hear all the ladies in the house go yeah! And now all the men go aroof aroof!”

WTF? Leonard and I were generally enjoying The Go! Team, but we hadn’t bargained for the audience participation side of things. Still, the music was danceable and the band looked pleasingly like normal people. We were there with a boy I’d met on-line who’d been looking for folks to go to the gig with. Okay, I’d met him on a dating site, but that didn’t mean anything. Except for the general inevitability of this sort of thing.

We went for drinks after the gig and then Leonard went home and the boy and I stayed out drinking till 3 and I made out with him. He said he wanted to hang out with me again and not just because I was a good kisser. He’d been quiet at first but as we’d talked more he’d been good craic. I didn’t have any plans for romance or anything but it looked like a good friendship was on the cards. Plus he turned out to be a fan of the Wrens, which scores points. I mean I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else who’s into them.

We didn’t really hang out again. He e-mailed me and invited me to one or two gigs and I might have been up for it except I was spending a lot of time back in Northern Ireland visiting my mum, so I couldn’t meet up and I was stressed as hell. I wanted to pour things out, I wanted to say: I think she’s dying, I’m scared. But I didn’t really know him. It was too hard to be in contact, to make an effort with somebody new when all that was going on.

I did run into him one more time. I was in Planet Out and he showed up. We went to CC’s together and then I realised I was actually too drunk and too tired and too sad and needed to bail, and I said sorry and went home. I don’t remember when this was but I know my mum had died by then.


~ by Nine on 28 August 2009.

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