After I kissed #173 and she ran away, I somehow wound up drinking with Leonard’s ex-boyfriend and #113 after hours in the pub where #113 worked. I think we got a bottle or two of wine to bring back to my place. The bartender was with us too and #113 was encouraging me to get off with him, seeing as he’d just split up with his girlfriend and everything, and I was like: no, it’s okay, he kind of reminds me of #117 in the vaguest of ways and anyway did you notice I just got off with the hottest lesbian on the planet which I think merits further discussion.

#81 had also noticed the resemblance on an earlier visit to the pub, so I was glad it wasn’t just me seeing things that nobody else did. Still, it was only surface stuff. He maybe had the same arms, maybe a not altogether different haircut, and his name was related, but that was surely where the similarities ended. I mean, it wasn’t about behaviour or personality traits. So I guess it didn’t matter, and anyway, I suspect the more prominent reason for my reserve was I’d decided that I could maybe try not taking every opportunity that came my way and that might be, you know, kind of novel. I mean #172 had been the previous weekend, and the next day I was flying to Dublin to visit #128 (and, yes, assemble flatpack furniture for her).

So, not altogether surprisingly, the bartender wound up staying over at my place. To be honest? I don’t remember a damn thing. I think we can err on the side of tradition and assume I made the first move.

I guess it was a little awkward in the morning, but not awkward like: oh god, how mortifying, I need the ground to swallow me up, I need him to leave. Just awkward like: damn, I don’t remember how things turned out this way, and I reckon he’s not bothered but for the sake of decorum it would be nice to have a more reliable memory. We maybe lay and talked for a while before he left, but I don’t remember for sure about that either, and maybe that’s because I was still drunk, which would make sense.

We subsequently said awkward hellos at the pub a couple of times, and in latter years I got awfully confused when his gay doppelganger from Alice’s trapeze class started showing up.


~ by Nine on 16 October 2009.

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