Why did I make out with #175, or why did she make out with me, or what the hell was going on? I only know it happened because I came downstairs with a wretched hangover after my ludicrous night with #176 and asked Joanna if I’d gotten off with anyone else that I should know about.

But this one, this was a surprise to me, because a) she wasn’t my type, b) I thought she was straight, and c) she was going out with #112. Seeing as I’d never met her before (and only met her once since, in a group with #112), I was never to find out what happened. When I can’t remember details, it’s usually safe to assume it was me who made the move, but this one remains a mystery. I have a vague sense that maybe we kissed in the toilets of The Venue in Belfast, but that’s only a guess.


~ by Nine on 17 October 2009.

One Response to “#175”

  1. Oh man, I’d forgotten about this incident! If it helps, something is prickling in my brain that says that you had the impression at the time that #175 initiated it, but that’s a very hazy recollection…

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