My chronology is out of whack again, because #179 actually happened before #177 and #178, but I didn’t find out about him till later. This is because I barely have any recollection at all of the CAFDAB boys’ party. I knew I’d brought #28 along to it after he cooked dinner, and I remembered something about teasing some 20-year-old boy for knowing everything. That was about it. It had been a cold night and I didn’t remember anything about walking home singing, so I figured I’d eventually been shovelled into a taxi, which turned out to be right. When I woke up on the futon in my living-room – I’d moved into it for the winter because the bedroom was so goddamn cold – the light was still on and so was the halogen heater. That was about all I knew about my movements.

The CAFDAB boys told me a few weeks later that I’d actually wound up making out with the 20-year-old boy, but decided not to take him home with me because that would be weird. This was surprisingly smart of me! Especially given the subsequent interlude with #178.

I didn’t know anything else about #179 except that he had a cool name. I thought I remembered that he was quite likeable, and I had a sense that making out with him had been hot, but it wasn’t like I had any proper memories to go on. I never heard his name again, so I don’t know what became of him.


~ by Nine on 28 October 2009.

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