There was some sort of confusing interlude after QueerMutiny ended that night and #186 and I had a brief discussion about where to find an after-party. I’d seen him at ACE before but we’d never really been introduced and I had thought of him as a bit standoffish and unfriendly, not that I had a whole lot of information to go on. I liked that he was wearing a skirt, though, and I guess he just got too close to me, which is dangerous when I am that drunk. I don’t know if he had been aiming to kiss me or not but that’s what wound up happening. And then I went off with my friends and we found ourselves at an awful party with the wrong kind of people and everybody was unfriendly except for one woman who I thought was insane and then we found a different party and then eventually Alice fainted. Oh and I never saw #186 again.


~ by Nine on 15 December 2009.

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