I kissed #190 in the street after Balkanarama. He was my friend’s ex-flatmate and we had already decided to coordinate Team Makeout Edinburgh together (inspired by Team Makeout Vancouver, the Edinburgh branch has sadly never come into being. I did try to organise a makeout party last year, but we’ll get to that). #190, it should be noted, was a really great kisser. Eventually he said, “Um, your couchsurfer is totally standing at the side waiting”, so we extricated ourselves and said our goodbyes.

It was after 3am and an orchestra had spilled out into the street. An impromptu musical procession began and the police arrived to break it up. I took a few crappy pictures and got threatened with arrest for breach of the peace.

The next time I ran into #190, we chatted for half an hour or so and then I drunkenly suggested we could make out again, but he politely declined.


~ by Nine on 10 January 2010.

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