Back in 2004, #129 and I sat in a basement bar and bluffed a group of wholesome American girls that we were brother and sister, in between compiling lists of all the people we could remember having kissed. My list was scrawled on the back of a flyer, crammed with first names in no particular order. Four years later I used it to jog my memory when compiling the more exhaustive list that serves as basis for this blog.

#86‘s first name appeared on the list twice and I wondered whether he’d been double-counted by mistake. I couldn’t remember anyone else with his name. I put it at the end of the document under “Outstanding Issues”, which meant I pretty much forgot about it.

Which is why #209 is in fact not the #209 I was planning to write about, but whose blog entry should instead probably have been written around the #100 mark. I was only reminded of his existence by chance last week, and I find it particularly galling that our encounter, which I still do not really remember even though it sounds perfectly plausible and I have no reason to believe it didn’t happen, must have taken place around ten years ago, completely fucking up my attempts at chronology. The fact that he was a Cop Shoot Cop fan makes it all the more perplexing that I forgot him.

Here, then, is all I know about him, as supplied in a chat with #96 last week about my potential impending move to Transylvania:

#96: #209 (who you might remember…) stayed out in Bulgaria for a bit. he refused to go there in the winter. pretty inhospitable.

me: #110 (who you might remember?) (i am not sure about #209?) lived in bulgaria for a year, so yeah, winter sounded pretty intense. have asked her for further details

#96: #209 came up to visit from london once and the two of you got to know each other better in the front room after me & #83 had turned in for the night

how can i possibly not remember this? please furnish me with a description

#96: tall, good looking, big boots, probably a very severe undercut at the time

me: holy fucking crap. did i definitely get off with him?
something sounds DIMLY familiar

#96: big cop shoot cop, foetus, etc fan

me: oh my god where is my memory

To conclude: when people ask of my blog, “How do you remember them all?” the answer is, clearly, that I don’t.


~ by Nine on 5 October 2010.

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