This is awkward because the story really begins with #127, but I have this pedantic obsession with chronology and #126 is the one I kissed first.

Here is what I know about #126:

She was #127’s friend.

She came after me with a glass of water when I got sick. I got sick due to a combination of vodka & coke and a hit or two from a really desperate bong fashioned from a cardboard kitchen roll tube. (See also: whitey.)

She was going to study sociology or something. While I was explaining a few things about respect and stereotyping to the idiot straightboy in our midst, I overheard her saying she should be taking notes. (I think I was actually managing to be articulate despite my generally dilapidated condition.)

She asked me if I was interested in #127, and then embarked on trying to shove us together in the least subtle manner possible.

When #127 continually failed to react, #126 sighed heavily and lunged at me herself. At first I assumed it was a desperate attempt to provoke a response from #127, any response at all, but then we kept going and it was pretty hot. However, this did not last all that long, on account of the atmosphere being generally confusing.


~ by Nine on 16 May 2009.

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