#201 was hosting the dinner party, and she had made amazing tempura, and that is quite literally all I recall of her appearance that night. It’s always kind of weird writing about stuff I don’t actually remember.

She was from Canada and occasionally did drag and we had met up for uncoffee or something a few months previously, when she’d been new in town. But that was about it. We hadn’t hung out again, and I’d only found myself at her place because it’s a small world.

I mean, I had felt kind of like we should probably have stayed in touch, seeing as we had stuff in common and everything, but somehow I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. I don’t remember too much of the first time we met. She was maybe shy or I was maybe distracted, I mean I am often distracted, I have an appalling attention span* and half the time I have a big to-do list on my mind which means I am not always great company when I meet up with people. So I guess our budding new friendship just fizzled, although it was nice to see her that night at the dinner party.

So nice that I made out with her, apparently. I was already trashed and I was only just getting started. I don’t imagine that anybody else was anywhere near as drunk as I was, and the other guests seemed pretty well-behaved so we’re not talking about a scandalous party. I don’t think I actually saw #201 again. So it all remains a mystery.

* I should probably add a disclaimer, seeing as I’ve just applied for a job for the first time in nearly a decade and there’s an outside chance they might find their way to my blog. So: my attention span is just fine, really! This is totally just embellishment for the sake of it! As is, uh, everything else in this blog that might paint me in a dubious light. Definitely.


~ by Nine on 12 February 2010.

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